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We’ve Got You Covered!

Telemedicine is uniquely suited to mental health.  Our clients and clinicians have embraced the technology from Alexandria, Virginia to Bristol, Tennessee.  The availability, cost savings, and convenience have been drivers of this new technology-based service.  While the pandemic added fuel to the fire, our telehealth services were gaining popularity with our middle-class and self-pay clients prior to the outbreak.

If you have not tried telehealth, we invite you to participate in a video conferencing or remote counseling session.  Our admin staff will gladly walk you through the technology on your phone, laptop, or desktop.

Our clinicians, psychiatrists, and therapists cover all the same issues that one might cover in-person at one of our three locations.

If you live in one of the following Virginia areas, our telehealth services are available to you and more than likely, covered by your insurance:  Alexandria, Arlington, Chesapeake, Newport News, Norfolk, Grayson, Richmond, Roanoke, Scott, Virginia Beach, Washington, Grayson.

Do you have more questions?  Great!  We love helping people find their path to better mental health.  We’re here and ready to answer any questions you may have.

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Why Telehealth For Mental Health Care is Working in Virginia

Receiving mental healthcare advice through a screen can feel a little “Star Trek” for some, but for a large portion of the US population, it’s commonplace now.  For many of our clients, it’s now the preferred way to visit.

Kids are on board!  Tennessee Counseling child and adolescent counselors tell us that children have had the easiest time adapting to this new technology.  They grow up with screens and online interactions so, for these patients, it’s no big deal.

For our families, especially busy moms, we hear great things about the convenience and comfort of talking from a comfortable home environment.

Like everything in mental health, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Some still prefer in-person visits and that’s fine with our team.  We’re here if you need to come in and visit, but for many, this easy, time-saving technology is here to stay!