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The Psychology Of Winning

The Psychology Of Winning

The Psychology Of Winning

Tennessee Counseling, Nina DiTommaso is in the news!

Watch the whole story here:  Why Winning Feels So Good

WVLT interviews Nina DiTommaso - Tennessee Counseling

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – The Volunteer fan base is as equally undefeated as the University of Tennessee football team.

“It’s in our innate human nature to win,” Director of Operations Tennessee Counseling Dr. Nina DiTommaso said. “Research actually shows that it impacts our reward system and our brain and may even release dopamine.”

Dr. DiTommaso said winning creates a sense of energy and good feeling.

“I think it will even help the players whenever they’re playing when folks are in the stadium and they’re energized, and I think that the players even feed off of that,” DiTommaso explained.

Thanks to Nina for doing such a great job representing Tennessee Counseling.

Thanks to Ashely Bohle for the great article and to WVLT for the content and Video on our beloved Tennessee Volunteers!

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