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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login for telehealth?2022-01-11T19:51:42+00:00

To login to telehealth on Therapy Portal, please visit this website:

You may also access the link to join telehealth through your appointment reminder in your email.

Can my family join my sessions?2022-01-11T19:35:08+00:00

Possibly! If it’s clinically appropriate and technologically possible. Please consult
with your clinician in advance to further discuss options.

Can I have a telehealth appointment with multiple family members in separate locations?2022-01-11T19:36:11+00:00

Depending on your therapist’s technological capabilities, you may have family or couples therapy through telehealth in multiple locations. Please consult with your therapist or a Support Specialist at 865-281-1408.

I’m struggling to complete the new patient documents, how can I get help?2022-01-11T19:36:38+00:00

Please contact our Support Specialists at 865-281-1408. They can walk you
through how to access your new patient documents and assist in completing

How do I retrieve medical records?2022-01-11T19:37:04+00:00

Medical records requests from another health professional must be submitted by a doctor, therapist, clinician via fax 865-244-3579.

Medical records requests on behalf of yourself or the client please call our main office at 865-281-1408.

Do you accept TennCare/BlueCare/UHC TennCare?2022-01-11T19:37:28+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not accept TennCare, BlueCare, or UHC TennCare.

How do I address a billing issue?2022-01-11T19:37:56+00:00

For billing inquiries, please contact our Practice Administrator at 865-281-1460 or

My clinician may not be the right fit, what can I do?2022-01-11T19:38:22+00:00

Please email us at or call us at 865-281-1408
to discuss a possible transition to a new clinician.

What is the session cancellation policy?2022-01-11T19:38:40+00:00

Appointments must be canceled no less than 23.5 hours in advance. Unfortunately, appointments canceled less than 23.5 hours in advance will result in the missed appointment fee ($99.00).

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