Cathy Cannon, LPC/MHSP

114 East Unaka Avenue
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601


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Cathy Cannon, LPC/MHSP

Cathlyn C. Cannon has dedicated her life to helping people improve their quality of life and find hope in life’s challenges. Cathy takes her commitment as a therapist seriously, encouraging each person to work out the solutions that best fit the individual’s lifestyle. She works within a cognitive-behavioral framework to improve clients’ coping strategies and reduce or eliminate negative thoughts and habits. She is considered a generalist, having worked with clients with adjustment of life issues, depression, anxiety, traumatic stress disorders, relationship issues, as well as parenting and family issues. She works with a wide range of age groups, including children through seniors. For Cathy, no issue is too small, or too overwhelming to deal with.

Cathy has a unique sense of humor and a realistic perspective that focuses on helping her clients with relieving their stress and improving each client’s well-being. She approaches people with a non-judgmental, inclusive attitude, taking into consideration each client’s culture and personal background.

Cathy obtained her Master of Arts degree in Human Developmental Counseling in 1981, at the University of Illinois-Springfield, with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology. She has been a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider in Tennessee since 1989. Cathy has worked as a therapist in a wide variety of mental health settings, both inpatient and outpatient, as well as extensive work as a forensic expert in child custody and divorce cases. She has been an adjunct professor at East Tennessee State University, teaching a variety of psychology and counseling courses. She has made numerous public presentations and seminars on mental health topics over the years to peers and the public sector.

Cathy grew up in a small town in Appalachia, moved to a large city in the Midwest, and returned to the Tri Cities area in 1988. In her spare time, she enjoys painting multimedia artwork. She has volunteered in local and national disaster response efforts with the American Red Cross. She worked with training therapy dogs for several years, and is a firm believer in the positive impact of a loving pet.

Cathy’s basic philosophy is, “Your Life is Your Creation.” Her hope for you is, “To help you improve your life daily, maintaining a healthier lifestyle from this day forward.”


Children 6-12
Adolescents 13-17
Adults 18-64
Adults 65+
Family Therapy
Mood Disorders/Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorders
Schizophrenia Spectrum/Psychiatric Disorders;
Trauma/Stress Related Disorders (PTSD)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Expressive Arts Therapy (Art/Music/Dance)
Academic/Occupational/Work Issues/Career
Anger Management
Divorce/Custody Disputes


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