Life is tough.
Getting help shouldn’t be. 

Tennessee Counseling Intake Process

Tennessee Counseling provides a better customer experience for getting the mental health support you need. We have simplified the process of getting counseling services by putting our customers first. 

  • Personal Service
  • Easy Registration
  • Phone Support
  • Live Insurance Service
  • Online Forms

Tennessee Counseling provides comprehensive services for counseling, psychological testing, and medication management. We’re also a uniquely coordinated team with a full-time internal support staff, billing department, call center, and clinical supervision.

New Streamlined Support Options!  What does this mean for you?

Our streamlined process frees up our clinicians so that they can spend more time helping you.  Our uniquely coordinated support team helps you with phone calls, paperwork, medical records management, insurance, IT support, and navigating our counseling offices.

Your initial experience is simple, straightforward, and accessible by phone or online. We want to be available to connect with you when you need us, not days or weeks later after you’ve left messages and sent emails inquiring about therapy services. To that end, we answer our phones! Tennessee Counseling has a call center that operates permanently on extended hours. We take calls from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

You can call to ask questions, get help with paperwork, or to contact your clinician. With a structure that assists you in completing all your paperwork before your first session, your sessions with your clinician can be focused on your needs instead of filling out forms!

Tennessee Counseling understands you are likely experiencing mental or emotional difficulty before you seek help. The last thing we want is for the process of finding help to add to your stress. When an urgency exists, we make every effort to provide same-week appointments either in-office, or by telehealth. If we can’t help with your situation, or we’re not the right fit, we will try to link you to local resources, so you get the help you need.

Medical Management

Many mental health treatment plans include combinations of therapy, lifestyle changes, and medications. When you come to Tennessee Counseling, we handle it all in-house. Navigating to multiple locations, completing paperwork, and filing separate insurance with multiple offices is poor customer service and adds to your stress. Our in-house team works together at Tennessee Counseling. Medication managers communicate with clinicians and vice versa. Your information is kept confidential and is regularly updated and shared by your team.

Ongoing Education

Today, we recognize good mental health as an essential component of the overall health of an individual. The field of mental health has advanced too. We have moved to evidence-based therapeutic models: techniques and practices that have been proven to work, proven to yield positive results for you, the client. Tennessee Counseling uses clinically sound, evidence-based therapeutic models and customizes them for each client. Some examples include EMDR, DBT, CBT, ACT, etc. We engage in ongoing learning.  We employ premier, diverse, talented clinicians in every field. Our clinicians maintain up-to-date training and stay informed on the latest advancements for your benefit.

Dynamic Updates

Finally, we consider your experience within the therapeutic environment. We continually look at our facilities from your perspective. We focus on enhancing your experience, so you feel safe and comfortable.

When you come to a Tennessee Counseling office you’ll find a nurturing, calming environment.

There are multiple welcoming lobbies with the comforts of home. You’ll find water and coffee, sound machines, and privacy. There’s no need to interact with a receptionist – when it’s time your clinician will come get you. The experience is designed to eliminate all distractions, so you can focus on getting better.
We are people with a passion for helping other people. We want to be a part of helping you find solutions and answers that allow you to achieve emotional wellness. We know that the first step of reaching out for help can often be the hardest but we’re here and ready to help.

Whatever brought you to us, we’re glad you’re here. You can feel at ease by knowing you’ve come to the right place. Easily register online or give us a call.